To enter the Republic of Belarus you will need the university’s invitation, which enables you to apply for a study visa at the Embassy of Belarus in your home country.

The following documents are necessary to send (by e-mail) for the invitation letter:

  • the completed application form;
  • the copy of the international passport pages (those with the photo, date and place of birth etc.);
  • the documents confirming your previous education translated into Russian.. Document requirements depend on the program (Example: applying for the MSc program you should send the BSc diploma with transcript).

!!! You do NOT need to provide the documents confirming your previous education when applying to the following programs:

  • Russian language study program;
  • summer Schools;
  • tailored programs.

Upon sending the required documents you should write the following information:

  • country of your birth;
  • city of your birth;
  • city of residence;
  • city where you will issue your visa;
  • full home address WITH THE ZIP CODE (POST CODE) where we should send the invitation after it is ready (country-province-city-etc.)
  • name of the person who will receive the invitation;
  • contact telephone number of that person.

This information is necessary to issue the Invitation at the Immigration Department of the Republic of Belarus.


ATTENTION!!! It takes up to 10 days to get the invitation letter ready. There is NO possibility of making urgent invitations. Try to do everything in advance.

Get an invitation


There are 2 ways how you can receive your invitation:

  • you or someone of your acquaintances come to the International students office (156-4) and take the invitation;
  • we send the invitation by Express-mail (choosing this variant you should provide us with your full home address and contact telephone number).

You will receive the invitation within a week.